Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates rebalances the body’s muscles by focusing on the muscles of your core, which helps provide better postural alignment and spine support. Specific breathing, proper spine, and joint alignment allow the body to execute exercises with precision, strengthening weak muscles and lengthening tight muscles. The Pilates repertoire contains a variety of 500 exercises based on the same 6 fundamental concepts: concentration, control, centering, fluidity, precision, and breathing.


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Pilates Reformer Classes

Wake Up Reformer

An all-levels Reformer class focusing on waking up the body and mind. A full-body workout, the Wake Up class targets all the muscles and joints of the body, promotes coordination, and also includes a series of stretches. A great class to feel refreshed, invigorated, and motivated to start your day. Class starts at 7:15 AM !


This is a class that begins on the mat in the mat room and ends on the reformer. Work your abdominals with mat exercises, then work your arms, legs, and back while exercising with resistance on the reformer. The best of both worlds!

Energizer Reformer

This 45-minute Reformer class for all levels will work each muscle group of the body. Perfect for those on a lunch break or with less time for a workout. Come in for a nice mid-day boost of energy!

Reformer Core

A beginner or all-levels class perfect for those who are starting Pilates and integrating into group classes. This class focuses on the abdominals and the understanding of how to engage core muscles efficiently to avoid unwanted tension. The class will also familiarize you with the Pilates repertoire while moving your body in all directions. Caution, your abs may be sore the following day!

Stability Reformer

An intermediate-level class that will work on realigning your body through exercises that challenge your balance and unilateral coordination (working one leg or one arm at a time). You will work your deep abdominal muscles and your stabilizer muscles, while still being able to release unwanted tension in your body. This class is perfect for anyone who has muscle imbalances in the body and needs to strengthen the weaker side. You must have taken some beginner or all level reformer classes before joining this class.

Jump and Cardio Reformer

An exhilarating and fun class, ideal for those wanting to add a cardiovascular workout to their Pilates routine. Jump and Cardio Reformer, an intermediate-level class, will make you burn calories while jumping on the jumpboard inserted at the foot of the reformer. Defying gravity by jumping horizontally, you will feel like you are jumping on the moon! This class is perfect for anyone who wants jumping or cardio but without any impact on the joints. You must have taken some beginner or all level reformer classes before joining this class.

Intense Reformer

An advanced-level class perfect for those looking to add some intensity to their Pilates routine. Exercises are quickly linked, providing a cardiovascular workout. Series of pulses halfway through movements will also help you develop muscular endurance. Get ready for a challenge!

Breathe Reformer

A beginner level Reformer class, Breathe Reformer focuses on balancing all of the muscle groups. Stretching and strengthening exercises will help you improve your posture and alignment, as well as prevent an injury or rehabilitate after an injury. Perfect for anyone with recent, old, or recurring injuries, or anyone needing to centre themselves during a stressful week.

Reformer for women

Finally: an all-around Pilates class welcoming women of all ages and fitness levels! This women-only class is led by a female instructor and is taught on our reformers. Squeeze this full-body workout in during your lunch break for a straighter posture, improved strength, and noticeably better flexibility.

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